Metal Works

Silverehitus has various possibilities at its disposal for metal work. Our welders and metallurgical technicians are highly qualified and possess specialized skills, thanks to which they can get on with even the most complicated metal work tasks. We provide a warranty for all our metal work. The professional approach to our work has helped us to establish lasting metal work relationships with partners and customers.

Building fastening structures for antennas and other equipment

Silverehitus builds various aluminium fastening structures (roofs, parapets, chimneys, ladders, posts and towers) for antennas and equipment. We provide various round or square towers and unipod or tripod fastenings. Most of the fastening constructions are made of aluminium, as it is easy to install and maintain them, but other materials are also available.


In brief: Our metal work

  • Metal work (cutting, threading, bending, drilling etc)
  • Technician work.
  • Welding (welding or argon welding of various metals)
  • Other work (sale of metal products and materials)