We have been operating on the construction market for more than 10 years, and we have amassed a wealth of experience. Our employees are exerts in their field and we devote great attention to training and raising their competence. The quality of construction work is inspected by employees on various management levels and by supervision engineers. Construction projects are planned and executed based on customers’ wishes and expectations. Once we determine what the customer wants, we try to find the optimal solution. We stick to deadlines and try to stay flexible in prices in negotiations with customers, suppliers and subcontractors. We always work toward establishing mutually beneficial and long lasting construction-related relations with customers, suppliers and subcontractors. Silverehitus adheres to legal acts in force, construction standards and good construction practices. We practice environmental awareness and use construction technologies and materials that are sustainable for the environment.

Each project begins by determining what the customer wants, and this ensures that the parties have a common understanding of the processes and goals related to construction. Planning comes next, and customers are offered the optimum solution to help them save on money and time in the course of construction and orders for materials. A contract is then signed between the parties, the project is executed and the work is delivered to the customer along with a warranty.

As prime contractor, we mainly build detached homes, duplexes, and smaller apartment buildings. Experience has shown that the fastest and simplest solution for customers as well as the construction firm is when all of the services related to construction are ordered from one service provider, as this ensures quality and the expected results.

List of work we do

  • Prime contracting (project management, owner supervision, foundation to turnkey)
  • General construction (various masonry work, gypsum board and ceiling construction, facades, etc)
  • Decks (construction and maintenance)
  • Interior finishing (natural stone, synthetic stone, custom finished walls, installation of parquet, mouldings, doors and much more)
  • Electrical supply (electrical work, measurements, if necessary various LED solutions etc)
  • Other activities (building wood playhouses for children, swings, jungle gyms, sale of materials for the above)